Conscious Community Development

Community Organizing Without the Chaos

Do you have a dream to create a community of purpose? Do you want to found an intentional community, worker-owned cooperative, or community center? Growing such an organization is different and in some ways more complex than a conventional business. Jacki will use her years of community organizing and business experience to guide your dream into reality. Through one-on-one sessions and facilitated group meetings Jacki will lead you and your community members through…

  1. Designing effective ownership, governance, and membership structures
  2. Gathering stakeholders for a participatory visioning and goal setting event
  3. Enrolling committed leaders and coordinating efforts with efficient meetings
  4. Using evolutionary processes to develop a sustainable business model
  5. Scaling up what works through conscious marketing and community building

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Selling Transformational Services

Make More Money with Less Marketing

Do you have a gift to bring to the world but are having a hard time making a living at it? Jacki will walk you through what you need to do to stop running in circles chasing customers and start enrolling high-paying clients that can fully receive the value you have to offer. She’ll help you…

  1. Identify your unique gifts and the transformational results you create
  2. Design packages that deliver those results for the fees they’re really worth
  3. Practice creating clients through transformational experiences
  4. Create a fun-to-manage funnel that brings high potential clients to you

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