About Me

Jacki Saorsail

Regenerative Enterprise Design Consultant

As an entrepreneur and community organizer, I’ve spent over 15 years exploring alternative business management and ownership structures for a more just and sustainable society. I founded the Oklahoma Cooperative Housing Association, a non-profit that managed housing co-ops, owned and operated Om Gardens, an LLC organic gourmet mushroom farm, was on the board of directors of the Oklahoma Food Co-op, and managed membership at The Integral Center, a community for personal development in Boulder, Colorado. I am currently working on a Masters Degree with Gaia University studying Regenerative Enterprise Design and doing education and consulting online and in Norman, Oklahoma.


What are Regenerative Dynamics?

Regenerative Dynamics is a integral design framework that I created and it is also the name of my consultancy. I help individuals, communities, and businesses step beyond sustainability into a new paradigm of abundance. My passion is making big changes that last and that requires both vision and pragmatism. If you want to use your livelihood to make a significant difference in the world, I can help.


What does Regenerative mean?

The sustainability movement rose over the last half century in an attempt to make human activities less destructive. Much progress was made, however, the overall degradation of the planet has continued. At this point, we need more than just sustainability, we need regeneration. We need to turn deserts into forests and provide the disenfranchised means to live up to their full potential. This is an incredibly complex problem, but there is a solution. It’s not a cookie cutter solution, but a set of concepts and tools that can be applied in a wide variety of ways to to change the dynamics of how a system functions on the most fundamental level.

Regenerative Dynamics can encompass an unlimited number of solutions for environmental, social, and economic redevelopment. However, none of these solutions will be successful if we continue using the same underlying systems that created the problems in the first place. The greatest limiting factor for the sustainability movement is only beginning to be resolved. The very systems that organize people to get things done need to be changed, and it needs to happen fast.

Businesses, as well as nonprofits and communities can dynamically evolve to optimize social, environmental, and economic benefits if we harness the full potential of the people involved. That requires distributing authority and ownership and empowering people through education and support systems. If this is done effectively, then applying the regenerative dynamics framework will create a roadmap that can be followed, not by top-down implementation, but by coordinated grassroots action by a fully empowered workforce.

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