The Cook and the Gardener Partnership

The Cook and the Gardener Partnership uses Regenerative Landscaping to convert resource-depleting lawns into carbon-negative ecosystems. We train gardeners to work with homeowners using practices like deep mulch and inter-species planting. Gardeners can make a living working with up to 20 homeowners one hour per week, grow more food using cooperative growing space, and expand their offerings to things like chicken coops, beekeeping, or greenhouses!

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We need help incorporating a cooperative to employ these gardeners and empower them to work together to build this as a business. You can click the image below or go to to support this project by purchasing a t-shirt.

Watch Team Meetings

We’ve been broadcasting our team meetings and inviting community members to join live or watch later to contribute ideas and stay up-to-date with our progress. You can see a schedule of upcoming livestreams on the Regenerative rEvolution page!

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