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Do you have a purpose-driven business or non-profit or want to start one? Do you want to do things in the most environmentally and socially conscious way without creating chaos or losing money?

If you take my online course I’ll help you see what it really takes to be Regenerative. I’ll give you a ton of information summarized in short, easy to understand videos and well curated links to a ton more. I’ll walk you through filling out a Regenerative business model that will help you see and explain the big picture and key details of your enterprise. You’ll join a network of other Regenerative entrepreneurs and experts who can help you find the people and resources you need to be successful. Join the Regenerative Revolution today!

About the Beta Version

You’ll get a first look at this revolutionary content at an incredibly discounted rate!

Module 1 is available now from a studio recording. Modules 2-10 will be delivered via live video webinar every 2 weeks starting the first week of December 2018. The videos will be lightly edited and posted shortly after each webinar. The live webinars are to prototype the content. I plan to create high production value recordings of all of the modules for the final version.

All proceeds will go toward production costs. Your helpful feedback will inform how I craft the content and lay out the course.

You’ll retain access to updated content and community forums forever!

The 10 modules cover the following topics:

  1. Intro to Regenerative Dynamics
  2. Design Processes
  3. Cultural Design
  4. Financial Design
  5. Governance Design
  6. Incentive Structures
  7. Ecological Impact
  8. Social Impact
  9. Economic Impact
  10. Design Implementation

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Lesson 0.1 Welcome to Regenerative Enterprise Design

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