Closed Coaching Circle




Please message me using the Contact Form before purchasing to find the right Coaching Circle for you. Includes ten 1 1/2 hour coaching circle meetings with the same group of people. These will be scheduled with input from the participants once the group is formed. You are agreeing to participate in all ten scheduled meetings, missed meetings will not be refunded.

What is a Coaching Circle?

Coaching Circles are opportunities to give and receive support from peers around professional challenges. Jacki Saorsail facilitates a process developed at MIT to help people look at their challenges from new perspectives. In each session we focus on one person, practicing deep listening and giving specific kinds of feedback. The person being focussed on receives high quality attention and usually experiences new insights and ideas. Those giving attention gain practice in essential communication skills and usually gain insights that are helpful for their own challenges. If you have not experienced the Coaching Circle process before you may want to try it with a Drop-in Coaching Circle.


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