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Turn your Big Vision into Reality
Help people transform their lives, find community,
and work together to make the world a better place.
With 15 years of community organizing and business experience, Jacki Saorsail can help you and your Regenerative Enterprise thrive. Jacki organizes Educational Events at The Integral Center in Boulder Colorado, provides one-on-one Business Consulting, and facilitates group Coaching Circles in-person and online.

Jacki Saorsail
Beyond-Sustainable Business Consultant
As an entrepreneur and community organizer, Jacki Saorsail has spent the last 15 years exploring alternative business management and ownership structures for a more just and sustainable society. She founded and was on the board of a non-profit called the Oklahoma Cooperative Housing Association, owned and operated an LLC organic gourmet mushroom farm called Om Gardens, and was on the board of directors of a large customer and producer-owned cooperative called the Oklahoma Food Co-op. Jacki is currently working on a Masters Degree from Gaia University studying Regenerative Enterprise Design and managing membership at The Integral Center in Boulder, Colorado.
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